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The Boy from Allahabad

Coverage of 'The Boy from Allahabad' - must read and best gift for Indian diaspora and those interested in understanding the world's largest democracy! dare delhi

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My article in the reputed The London Economic in October 2018

The London Economic: Home Truths - WHat the UK can learn from Indian about social Integration

My journalistic publications

 My article in the progressive Female First magazine

Female First: A philosophy for life - the importance of realising your potential

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My Interview on BBC with Lara King

Talking about the importance of realising one's true potential dare delhi

My media interviews

My interview on Unity 101 channel

Realising one's potential and link to my book 'The Boy from Allahabad' and a lead in to my next book 

My media interviews

My interview on Siren FM, UK

The importance of realising adn living up to one's potential, storyline of 'The Boy from Allahabad' and my plans for future

Reviews of 'The Boy from Allahabad'

Review and Author Q&A in Eastern Eye - the largest audience for British Asians

Lucy Bryson enjoys a voyage of spiritual and philosophical discovery with Ruchir Verma’s beautiful coming-of-age tale.


Asian Times

A brilliantly written tale of a young boy’s path to adulthood, The Boy From Allahabad is an impressive first novel that combines elements of literary fiction and philosophy....


India Weekly

With shades of Herman Hesse’s classic philosophical novel Siddartha, Verma’s debut is rich in mysticism and metaphor, and highlights the importance of religious tolerance and making the right life choices in difficult circumstances. 


Goodreads review

'The Boy From Allahabad had several strong and well-written characters, I really enjoyed the book it was actually educational for me as I’m not familiar with the area and or the religion. It was an enjoyable story to follow the tale of Balu and for his search for peace and love.'

https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2481286061?book_show_action=true&from_review_page=1 dare delhi

Amazon Author profile

Ruchir Verma is the author of worldwide popular book 'The Boy from Allahabad' which is under consideration for a major movie.

Ruchir was born in India and after living there until his graduate studies, he worked in various countries in Asia and Europe before settling down in London. He currently lives in Switzerland.


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