Indian author living in Switzerland, with heart of Allahabad

My Experiences


I write stories that come as a calling to me. I do not plot, plan or spend millions of hours storyboarding these. Once I start, the stories flow and do not stop until it is completed. 

I was born in India and remain an Indian author at core of my heart. I spent years working in a number of countries in Asia and Europe, before settling down in London. I have visited many countries in all continents and have natural curiosity of people's life across the world. I now live in Switzerland.

I am a self described melting pot of cultures, as I try to soak in the best of all cultures and reject the worst. 

The Boy from Allahabad is an inspiring tale, must read for all. 

My Community


Readers are the lifeline of an Author. I heartily encourage, and always respond to comments and feedback from my readers. I am very accessible, and open to discussions about my books at any time. Do drop your comments and discussion points on any of my Amazon sites, here, or directly to me. 

Indian author in Switzerland, with heart of Allahabad, and dare of Delhi


The best way to keep track of me and my books is Amazon in your country. There are multiple bookstores with their own websites selling my books, and if you leave a feedback there, it will reach me as well. 

If you would like to discuss something, you could also reach out directly to me at allahabad dare delhi